Sustainability Page

Reducing carbon footprint

Supporting Sustainable Practices

Learn how Boogie Bikes implements sustainable practices in our process to and what steps you can take to protect the environment!

According to the average American diet's carbon footprint,

Ebikes have a smaller carbon footprint than regular bikes

sustainability is our priority

Clean re-used Shipping wrap is used for a second time as void fill to keep your new cruiser safe and sound.

Recycled Plastic Packaging

Replacing large bats of unrecyclable foam with pool noodles not only keeps our brakes and derailleur tuned, it is a fun alternative that can be re-used!

Pool Noodle Packaging

When a bike is returned, or cannot be built to our spec, we take the time to salvage what is usable and recycle the rest.

Recycle or Repair of Bad Parts

We collect and re-use packages from incoming shipments as well as other wasteful online retailers to give packaging a second life.

Reusing & Recycling Vendor Boxes

Sustainable practices

what can you do?

Turn off lights

Install timer lights or routinely turn off lights that are not in use.

Recycle your waste

Make sure to sort your recycling according to their labels

Reuse containers

Whether food or packages, try to reuse your containers rather than throwing them away

Use public transit

Avoid driving alone when possible and use alternate forms of transport

expand your recreation

Nature’s Call

Of course, one of the best ways to appreciate the environment is to actually spend time in it! Boogie Bikes helps you spend more time enjoying the outdoors at a pace that's right for you.