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Boogie Bikes sits in "small town" Wisconsin about 40 miles north of Milwaukee.  The town, called Hingham is un-incorporated and somewhat hard to find. What is easy to find here is hard working folks who care about their customers and the quality of their work.  

With that work ethic and attention to detail, Boogie Bikes decided to make a better ebike by carefully selecting the best global components and building in the USA. Our first model is the Boogie Cruiser. We decided to limit ourselves to just a few variants to make sure we could really refine the process and deliver a great bike.....and it worked. 

Our customers are raving about their new bikes. For some folks, their favorite feature is the ride quality, for others it's ease of use, and still others the great style, but most are happy with everything and it's hard to pick what the best feature is.

We are proud to be building bikes in the USA with our great workforce. We are proud to please our customers and hope that you will become one too.  Below is a map of the places we have shipped Boogie Bike so far, hopefully you can help us get to all 50 states!


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