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Rearview Mirror
Judy H. (Tampa, US)

A little small but works. I would give it. 4 1/2. I do like the way it can be adjusted easily.

Bikase Elastokase Phone Holder
Lisa K. (Cumming, US)
Phone holder

Love it it's easy to take your phone on and off

24" Electric Cruiser Bike
Judy W. (Port Saint Joe, US)
Love the Boogie Bike

I did not unpack my bike for a while because of the bad weather. But it was easily unpacked and simple to put together. I am 71 so starting to ride a bike again after all these years was a little scary. But I’ve been riding it for a few weeks now and I love it. The seat is comfortable. I had a knee replacement a few years ago and it helps to exercise that knee while enjoying the outdoors.

Rearview Mirror
Judy W. (Port Saint Joe, US)
Rear View Mirror

Works great to watch for traffic behind you.

Highly recommend

Great bike & great company to deal with. Would highly recommend!

Hollywood Rack - RV Two EBike Rack
Jim K. (Sheboygan, US)
Chistmas gifts.

Looking forward to springtime and rideing the new Ebikes, have not yet ridden them yet, am waiting for warmer weather.

Built in the USA Electric Bike
Forrest A. (Columbus, US)

The wife and I are very happy with the bikes I did a lot of research and determined that the spike was needed. Put a carrier on the back so our dog can travel with us. Excellent service I highly recommend this bike to anyone.

Replacement Fender Set
Anita M. (Naples, US)

Needed to replace both fenders as bike was stolen, then retrieved. Boogie immediately sent the fenders and were packaged well.

Built in the USA Electric Bike
Barbara A. (Sebring, US)
Very happy with my purchase!

I was so happy that I spoke with a person when I called to ask questions before purchasing. All of my questions were answered so thoroughly, definitely put together in the USA AND the fact that they have a pet basket for my 10 pound dog, I ordered right away. The bike and accessories arrived in just a few days. It was all packaged very well with bubble wrap and pool noodles. The chain was off and the gentleman I spoke with was able to tell me how to get the chain in the right place. I did watch how to videos on YouTube for installing some of the items. I purchased the bike lock, but did not have a charger for the port. When I called about the chain I asked if the lock should have come with a charger. I was told that they do not, but were willing to order me one.

I realized that I was scared to ride the bike, mainly due to all of the gadgets. I didn't want to mess it up! Finally took my first 2 mile ride this morning! I had a bit of a learning curve because it is my first ebike, but I love the feel of it! At 5 ' 0" I was concerned it would be too big for me. I do not feel that way at all! I will take a few more rides to feel more comfortable before adding on the front basket with my little dog!

Thank you Boogie Bikes!

Built in the USA Electric Bike
Stephen S. (Ranchos de Taos, US)
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me

Over a month ago I ordered my Boogie Bike. The display had been damaged in shipping so I called Customer Service and they immediately sent a new one and later helped me to install it on the bike. I have had almost no time to ride due to the ice and snow of 7500’ in northern NM, but I’m excited to give it a real workout when the weather permits. The bike is beautiful

Built in the USA Electric Bike
Denise A. (Millersburg, US)

Love it❣️

Built in the USA Electric Bike
RonH (Freedom, US)
Blue boogie

Gift for wife. She loves the look of it. Likes all positive reviews. Wont be able to use it for a few months due to weather. But she is excited to try it out.

Front Basket
Rick S. (St. Petersburg, US)
great careful installing!

This basket is solid! It needs a bag to keep things from falling out though.
When installing, be careful to hold the strut on the hub end when tightening. There's a video that illustrates.

Built in the USA Electric Bike
Marinius W. (Dunedin, US)

A little to get used to, lots of speed be careful like the manual says, I had to adjust the front wheel it was stiff

otherwise very satisfied using it mostly on the Pinallas trail in Dunedin Florida.

Water Bottle Cage
Robert M. (Marquette, US)

Works great

Cruiser Bike Ultra Comfort Seat
Barbara B. (Cincinnati, US)
Thank you

Much thanks for quickly sending a replacement seat for me. You are truly a first class company. I love my “Boogie Betty”!

8pc Folding Hex Wrench Set
Susan (Columbiana, US)
Nice but should come with bike

The hex wrench is fine, but this our third brand e-of e-bikes. All the others have come with the wrench, which also included a screwdriver.

Rearview Mirror
Stephen S. (Denver, US)

Fits exactly as described. Easily installed.

Water Bottle Cage
Mary M. (Gilbert, US)
Water Bottle Cage

Perfect for holding my water bottle! I couldn’t go without it!

Built in the USA Electric Bike
Janet K. (Orange, US)
Merry Christmas to me!

Customer service is amazing! The display was damaged in shipping and they immediately sent me a replacement! I cannot wait to start riding once the weather cooperates!!

Wrong shipping address!

In my email reporting the separation of the display, I noted that my current shipping address is
John Vettel
Stovepipe Wells Village
51880 Hwy 190
Death Valley, CA 92328

But the item was shipped to the address from my original order. Than's my wife's cousin, so hopefully she has returned the item to you already. I'd have mentioned this sooner, but internet access is rather spotty in the middle of a desert.

Front Basket
Pam B. (Catonsville, US)

Need to get a liner to haul smaller items.

24" Electric Cruiser Pre-Order
Doris D. (Leesburg, US)
Customer service was everything they said it was

This was my first electic bike so of course after ordering I couldn't wait for it to arrive Unfortunately, UPS had a snafu and my bike that was supposed to be delivered in Florida ended up in Washington (state). Boogie bike staff was wonderful and promised to ship a new bike from their warehouse that day and they would deal with headache of getting first shipment back. Three days later it arrived and I couldn't be happier. A big Thank you to the staff at Boogie Bike.

Front Basket
Jack B. (Tomahawk, US)
Boogie basket

Very sturdy and well built but things will fall out. It needs a liner. I checked website but not available at present. Would be nice to get a notice when liners are available again

Built in the USA Electric Bike
Edward S. (Sherman, US)
Enjoyable Ride

Great bike! Easy to assemble. Lots of fun to ride!

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