Why are we better?

Why are we better?

We often get the question, “why are you better than other ebikes?” Or, “what makes you different? I am looking at so many, what makes you better?” We love to make a great product at a fair price and take care of you like you lived down the road, but we are not great at tooting our own horn.

In this Blog, I’ll try my best to enumerate why the company is different in a good way, and why that might be better for your ebike purchase.

First and foremost, I will tell you the Cruiser Bike is not better for everyone.  If you are an off-road enthusiast , or you are looking to set land speed records, we are not your bike.  If you are looking to app driven tech and complicated algorithms that post social media for you while you ride, we are not your bike.  If you want a mid-drive motor, are willing to pay the extra, and are an avid cyclist, we are not your bike. If you want an $8000 bike for $2399, we are not your bike.

Great article so far?

So, why a Cruiser Bike?

One, we build a better bike, by doing final assembly and testing ourselves in Hingham Wisconsin.  Note, Hingham is un-incorporated, so we use a Waldo address  (pop 610) and reference Milwaukee as the closest (40 miles south) as the closest city.

Two, we actually support our bikes.  We honestly answer questions before you purchase, and help where we can after the sale.

Three, we looked at the competition and did some small things different.  So many small things it adds up to a HUGE difference.

Let’s dive in!

What makes our bike better?  We build it. We take parts and assemble them completely at our Hingham Wisconsin Facility.  Most ebike companies have quality control in the country of origin (China) that tests the bikes and puts them in a box. They receive that box at their warehouse and send it to you. As of late, the issues have been HUGE! The quality of the parts has gone down with the spike in global demand and it has created many unhappy customers. The company does our best to remove those issues before you get the bike.  We are beholden to the current supply situation, but we act as a buffer between you and the end product.  In fact, we bed the brakes and tune the derailleur on each bike that goes out to make sure you get a bike shop quality bike no matter where you are in the lower 48 (sorry Hawaii and Alaska, we are working on it!)

We also ship the bike with BOTH WHEELS ON. This is almost totally unique in the ebike industry. SO MANY companies require you to spend hours on assembly and tuning, and if it doesn’t work……your problem!   In fact, one of our competitors DOES NOT honor their warranty unless you have a bike shop assemble it and they get a receipt saying so.

We send you a complete bike, completely done!  With a printed manual in each carton telling you everything you might need to know about the bikes.

Check out our unboxing here and see how easy it is for YOU to get your Cruiser Bike on the road

Support. Everyone says they want it.  If you look in the forums of the “other” guys, it is the biggest complaint…. “I have XYZ issue and have not heard back.”  We ALWAYS calls back.  We strive to solve every issue with the golden rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  We have not solved every issue, but it is our policy to act quickly on behalf of the customer.

The other big difference is that we build the bikes, so we don’t have a parts department ordering to keep up with needs for service, accidents and shipping damage. We have a HUGE warehouse full of parts.  In fact, we can ship any part for a Cruiser Bike within one business day.

In most cases, local bike shops don’t want to work on “internet” bikes.  They have good reason, without support and without parts they have a very good chance of looking like the culprit on a repair that drags on forever.

We change all that!  We work directly with the bike shops and fill in the gaps in knowledge, and can fill any parts order so, they love working with us.

The last reason is that we build a great bike with the right equipment. We worked hard to find out what people really wanted in an ebike and what they really needed.

We noticed that all the forums, almost universally, had customers purchasing expensive ebikes, getting them, hating their seats, and spending $70-$150 on a new one they liked.  We thought that was ridiculous and started with an ULTRA-comfort seat.  Everyone is different so it’s not 100% universal, but most folks love it from day one.

We added ergonomic rubberized cork grips.  We made sure there was adjustment at the handle bars and seats so we could fit the most body types possible.

Some manufacturers will sell you an ebike without a kickstand. We think that’s CRAZY.  We include a kickstand (of course!), lights, fenders and a rack. This makes the purchase price inclusive of a lot of things you end up wanting but others charge extra for.

We have standard disc brakes, and a 750W direct drive motor…..getting the bike going and stopping are priorities for us!

We finish the bike with quality paint and pack it lovingly in re-used industrial shrink wrap and pool noodles so it can live it’s best life at your place.

We really want to give you  a great bike at a fair price.

We believe in educating the customer rather that selling them. We have written numerous blogs to educate our customers, and even offer free ebooks on ebikes. This helps our customers figure out what they really want. We know the Cruiser Bike is not for everyone, but we want to help you on your journey weather it is or not. We are willing to answer your questions and strive to do so in an honest and straightforward fashion, not spinning what we do to make it more positive, but rather giving you all the information so you can choose best.

Hopefully this blog didn’t seem to braggadocios.  We get this question a lot.  Hope this helps!

As always if you want to try our Cruiser Bike, give us a call and get one on a 15 day at home trial and see what all the buzz is about for yourself!

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