Unveiling the All-New Fat Tire Bike: Adventure Amplified!

Unveiling the All-New Fat Tire Bike: Adventure Amplified!

You ever open a package, and you're flooded with that childlike excitement? It's the same feeling I got when we finally nailed the design for our newest addition – the Fat Tire Bike. And oh boy, do we have some wheelie great news for you! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Discover New Adventures with Extended Mileage

Now, let's kick things off by chatting about the distance. With our enhanced 15AH, 48V SAMSUNG battery, you can easily travel more than 30 miles. Imagine the adventures that await! The best fishing spots, hidden picnic nooks, or that secret beach you heard about – all within your reach.

More Speed, More Freedom

Rev up your journeys with a zippy 750-watt motor. Not only does it give you a thrilling speed of over 20mph, but it also pairs perfectly with our refined 7-speed gear mechanism. And let me tell you, that thing shifts smoother than a freshly waxed floor.

Ride in Unbeatable Comfort

Remember that feeling of the perfect armchair? Soft, cushiony, just right? That's what we aimed for with our latest seat design. This isn’t just a bike; it’s your outdoor lounge chair!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All, But We Got You

We have adjusted the frame design to better accommodate different rider heights. Our 26” frame is great for 5’9” and taller.

Safety and Style, Hand in Hand

Safety might be our top priority, but we never compromise on style. With advanced HYDRAULIC  disc brakes that sync with a bright backlight, you're not just safe; you're also turning heads. Plus, our LED front light ensures you're always visible, whether you're cruising at dawn or dusk.

Remember that time when my computer crashed, and I lost all my work? Well, while that was a bummer, it also reminded me of the importance of reliability. And that's precisely what we've built into this bike: reliability in design, performance, and safety.

The Finer Details

Alright, now for the grand reveal: our Fat Tire Bike comes in three epic colors – bold blue, stealthy black, and adventurous camo. The price tag? A cool $1999. But here's the cherry on top: you can secure your very own with a pre-order downpayment of just $199!

"Wait, Dustin, what's with the new bike? Why now?"

Great question! Remember my passion for creating something new, something better? This bike is the embodiment of that spirit. It’s more than just an e-bike; it’s an experience. It's for those of us who believe the best gym is the great outdoors. Who understand that every ride isn't just about the destination, but the journey. And this bike? It makes every journey unforgettable.

So, while you could pretend to ride amidst nature on your indoor exercise bike (flashbacks to those "Nature" TV screens, anyone?), why not get the real deal with the Fat Tire Bike?

With pre-orders now open, it's your chance to be among the first to hop on and feel the difference. Here in our Wisconsin HQ, we're stoked to see you all embark on new adventures, chasing horizons and creating memories

Till next time, stay adventurous and keep those wheels turning!

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