Unboxing A Cruiser Bike The Right Way

Unboxing A Cruiser Bike The Right Way

Your Cruiser Bike just arrived and now you have to set it up. Unbox it the right way by following these simple steps and you’ll be hitting the road in no time.

Unboxing A Cruiser Bike The Right Way

1. Examine the box for any obvious signs of shipping damage. If there seems to be no signs of damage, go ahead and grab a pair of scissors or cutters and open the box. Start by cutting along the seams. Once open, you can now remove the bike from the box.

2. Enlist a friend to help you. The ebike is quite heavy and a helpful hand should make things easier. Pull the bike straight up and out. Set it on the kickstand and get the box out of the way. If you do decide to cut the box on the side, take special care not to puncture the tires or damage the paint.

3. Check the bike over for any obvious shipping damage. Your Cruiser Bike is packed with pool noodles to keep it secure during shipping. Give it a quick look to make sure your new ebike is undamaged.

4. Install the handlebars. Use your scissors to cut the cable ties that hold the handlebars on. Once they are free, pick them up carefully and remove the cap from the bottom part of the handlebars and the puck from the handlebar hole. Secure the pieces together and you should be able to easily slide the handlebars onto the bike frame. Make sure the wheels are straight and the handlebars are aligned with the wheel. Use the provided 6mm wrench that comes with the bike to tighten the “wedge” and secure the handle bars. The next step is to lift the handlebars up to where you want them. Use the 5mm hex wrench and tighten the front bolt (loosened for shipping). There should be no play in your handle bars for a safe ride.

5. Install the pedals. The pedals will be taped to the crank arm, one on each side. The important thing is you do not mix them up. One pedal has a right hand thread, while the other pedal has a left hand thread. On the right side of the bike, it will screw in as clockwise as what you’re used to with screwing in a bolt. You’re going to need either an adjustable wrench or a 15mm wrench (Available with your bike) to install the pedals. The right pedal would need to be screwed on clockwise. Turn it until it’s tight. While the left pedal would need to be screwed the opposite way (counter-clockwise).

That’s it and you should be all set!

If you’re a visual learner, this video should help you out:

White Glove Setup Service

If you’re having doubts and want to make sure your Cruiser Bike is set up properly, our White Glove Setup Service is available. Upon ordering your ebike, include the service to your cart and we will schedule a date and time to meet your ebike at the location of your choosing. We will set the bike up for you and discard the packaging material. All you need to do is enjoy your new ebike.

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Elizabeth, find out more about white glove here: https://boogiebikes.com/products/white-glove-setup-service

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How much is the white glove service ?

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