5 Tips for Riding An Electric Bike With Your Loved One

5 Tips for Riding An Electric Bike With Your Loved One

In recent years, many people have turned to alternative forms of transportation to save money, time and help the environment. One way to do this is by riding an electric bike. Ebikes are something that anyone can use and enjoy without any prior experience. For some couples, electric bikes are also a perfect way to enjoy the exercise and adventure of cycling while enjoying time together riding every day. With that being said, below are some easy tips on how to ride your electric bike with your loved one so it's a safe, fun experience for both of you.

5 Tips for Riding An Electric Bike With Your Loved One

Make Sure They Have the Right Bike For Them

Your bike may be the right fit for you but it may not be suitable for your partner. While your loved one may fall in love with your bike model, keep in mind that they may require one that is better suited to their needs.

If they’re not very tall or have mobility issues, you may want a step-through bicycle like our Cruiser Bike rather than one with a step over frame. Our Cruiser Bike also has pedal assist and thumb throttle which makes it easier for a beginner to ride at a pace an experienced cyclist like you may be more used to. Your significant other will want to come along more often if they love the journey.

Be Patient

If you want your significant other to start riding with you, then it's important to be patient with them. If you're an experienced cyclist, you've already developed a level of endurance that your partner might not have. Just try to go at a pace that's comfortable for both of you. Also, bear in mind that your riding partner may not have the same motivations as you do. Take it easy and slowly at first.

Teach, Don’t Just Tell

With your biking experience, you are more knowledgeable and skilled than your partner. Give them helpful advice, but don’t overwhelm them with too much information right away. Give them the chance to work through things at their own pace. Again, be patient with them and go over the basics before moving on.

Slow Down and Don’t Leave Them Behind

It would be a challenge to ride with your significant other if they’re much less experienced and less fit than you are. They may be riding at a slower pace than what you’re used to but try to match their speed and cheer them on to boost their confidence.

It’s easy for an experienced cyclist to overlook the fact that they're riding too fast. A beginner can keep up for a little while, but soon it's a challenge even though it's easy for you. To avoid any problems, let your partner know you’ll stick together the whole time. Then try to keep the pace nice and slow and ask if everything’s okay.

Be Positive and Keep Them Motivated

You may be used to riding longer and going further but your loved one is ready to quit. You’ve kept up with their pace but they’re just too tired to keep going. What do you do?

Be cheery, encouraging, and, most importantly, positive. It wouldn’t help if you show frustration or yell at them. Encourage them, make them laugh, or change the subject to something entertaining to take their minds off the moment. Take a break and give them some time to recuperate before resuming. If they're exhausted or done for the day, take them home and schedule another day to ride.

Ebiking With Your Significant Other

Ebike rides should be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your partner. It offers a lot of benefits aside from boosting your physical health and fitness. You'd have a shared passion, spend more quality time together, and achieve goals as a couple, strengthening your emotional bond.

We hope these tips would help you in enticing your partner to take ebike rides together. But we know the best way is to get them on an ebike! If you haven’t already, check out our Cruiser Bike. It’s highly adjustable and fits a variety of riders. It has a step through frame for easy access and it’s laid back vintage look is not intimidating. If you have other suggestions on how we can improve this article, please leave a comment below.

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