Mariann and Her Boogie Bike

Short and Tall, We Fit Them All!

Our Lead to Customer Focus

Something we really love at the company is getting customer feedback. It's even better when the customer feedback is great! We received the following from  new ebike rider Mariann:

Customer Feedback

"Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know I got my bike on Thursday and it is great. It was together in about 5 minutes. It's comfortable and just the right size. It's funny because my 6'3 husband just raised the seat and he could use it too. Kudo's for a design that will fit a 5'0" person and a 6'3". Too bad though, he will just have to get his own..........

........Until then I will be out riding around :)  Please let anyone in the Philadelphia area who is looking to buy a bike call me if they have any questions or want to try it out. Thanks again so much. This was definitely the right choice. 


Popular Questions Answered By a Real Customer

Mariann, we love it!  Many people ask us questions that you have validated answers to:

  • How hard will it be to assemble when I get it? Answer:  "5 minutes"

  • I am not a hardcore biker, will this bike be comfortable for leisure rides?  Answer:  "Comfortable, just the right size"

  • What is the smallest frame size person that you can accommodate?    Answer:  "5'0"  "

  • What is the largest frame size person you can accommodate?  Answer: "6'3"  " (At least, we think 6'6")

  • I live in Philadelphia, do you have any local references?  Answer:  "Call Mariann"

The Moral of the Story


Mariann found out that purchasing a cruiser bike was easy and gave her a ton of opportunities to have fun outside. She is very proud of her bike and is happy to help tell others (we are still working on her husband). The truth is, we had fun with Mariann too! She was a customer who we talked to several times and we took her purchase very seriously. Seeing the result, isn't it time to call our shop and order your cruiser today?

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Question: Can the handlebars be the raised for a taller person? My husband is 6’1 and his big complaint is that he doesn’t like being bent over for long periods of time like on other bikes-it makes his back ache and his wrists get sore from the pressure.

Jennifer Grena

Another 4’11” woman worrying about seat height and step through.


I’m only 4’11”…. Will I be able to ride?


Does this bike fold?


I am 4ft 11. Will this bike fit me?


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