17 Places to Ride Your Ebike in Florida

17 Places to Ride Your Ebike in Florida

Florida has a range of trails suitable for a leisurely bike trip, with plenty of sunlight, natural scenery, and unique landscapes. On top of that, riding through the beach towns of Florida on your ebike is also one of the best ways to enjoy the sights and scenery.

If you’re looking for bike trails with the most breathtaking scenery or just a leisurely cruise on the beach, we compiled a list of places where you can take your ebike for a ride in Florida.

17 Places to Ride Your Ebike in Florida

Bike Trails with a View

Shark Valley Trail, Everglades

1. Shark Valley Trail, Everglades

Florida’s king of trails, Shark Valley is a heavily trafficked paved loop spanning 15 miles (25.4 km). Located near Homestead FL, the trail is good for all skill levels and is accessible all year-round. In addition to a number of birds and turtles, you can bike with and around alligators here. Shark Valley is one of the most unique and memorable trails in the Sunshine State.

Withlacoochee State Trail, Dunnellon

2. Withlacoochee State Trail, Dunnellon

With a massive length of 46 miles, the Withlacoochee trail gives riders the option to explore the Withlacoochee State Park, Floral City, and Inverness. You can ride along the Withlacoochee River and miles of natural lands on the longest paved rail-trail in Florida. It’s the ideal venue for cycling, biking, and skating for people of all skill and fitness levels.

Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail, Pinellas County

3.Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail, Pinellas County

The Pinellas trail links fantastic parks, residential areas, and coastal areas on its 38-mile trail. Visitors who wish to take in some or all of the Trail will find rest areas, benches, and water fountains all along the way. It also serves as a gateway to almost all of the area's towns. Cyclists can enjoy some of the most scenic landscapes in Florida and have a peaceful and pleasant ride from riding through Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, and Honeymoon Island State Park. There’s a few basic rules you need to get acquainted with before you head over to the Trail and you can check it out on their website.

Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail

4. Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail

Riding through Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park and Lochloosa Wildlife Management Area on this 16-mile trail, will take you through quiet wooded areas and winding hills. The well-maintained trail features a 10-foot-wide paved path, trailheads and benches, and even a few convenience stores. You can hike the Paynes Prairie trail to the breathtaking overlook for a scenic pit stop.

The Lake Trail, Palm Beach

5. The Lake Trail, Palm Beach

While the trail is only 5 and a half miles long, it’s the perfect trail for a family ride. It runs from South Lake Drive near Peruvian Avenue North to the north of the famous Sailfish Club. The trail is alongside the mansions of millionaires where you can ride past historical buildings, the private docks on the Intracoastal, and the Henry Flagler Museum. There’s also two interruptions on the trail where walkers must navigate sidewalks and an intersection, but the trail is otherwise complete and well maintained.

Nature Coast Trail, Fanning Springs

6. Nature Coast Trail, Fanning Springs

The Nature Coast State Trail, one of Florida's best-kept trail secrets, links five small rural towns—Cross City, Old Town, Fanning Springs, Trenton, and Chiefland—along a 32-mile T-shaped corridor. You can choose from a variety of trips from the hub in Fanning Springs. The well-kept asphalt path has enough trailheads, pavilions, and facilities to make any journey easier. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Suwannee River between Fanning Springs State Park and Chiefland where bike enthusiasts can retrace the historic road where trains eventually replaced steamships.

Legacy Trail, Venice

7. Legacy Trail, Venice

This trail stretches 11-miles and highlights The Venetian Waterway Dam, Intracoastal Waterway, and Casperson Beach. The trail starts from Palmer Ranches and passes through Sarasota, Oscar Scherer State Park, and downtown Venice. Take in the change in scenery as the trail leads you through back yards of suburbia, forests, wetland prairies and pastures.

Sanibel Island Bike Trails

8. Sanibel Island Bike Trails

Bikers will love visiting the nearby Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge with its diverse bird watching, as well as cruising alongside Sanibel's lighthouse, beaches, and charming roadside attractions, thanks to the 22 miles of pristine trails. While Sanibel is more popularly known for its seashells and beaches, the bike trails provide access to beaches where cars can’t park and other areas not accessible by car.

Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail

9. Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail

Get away from traffic noise and enjoy the natural landscape this tree-lined trail offers. Spanning 14.5 miles from Imeson Road to Brandy Ranch Road, you can find stunning pine flatwoods, wetlands, and hardwood uplands in this trail, as well as a variety of wildlife such as hawks, wild turkeys, and turtles.

West Orange Trail, Winter Garden

10. West Orange Trail, Winter Garden

The West Orange Trail, which runs through both urban and suburban parts of Orange County, is popular with locals. It highlights the route from old Winter Garden to the trailhead at Killarney Station, which passes through several interesting places.

Bike-friendly Beach Areas

Robinson Preserve, Anna Maria Island

1. Anna Maria Island

Beach life runs on a slower pace at Anna Maria Island, where the streets are lined with quaint cottages instead of towering condominiums. Even the locals recommend riding a bike to get around the island, particularly on the much quieter north end, to fully enjoy what it has to offer. However, riding on the beach is actually not allowed because of the protected nesting turtles, but there is a bike lane on the main stretch of the road.

Daytona Beach

2. Daytona Beach

The extra-wide swaths of hard-packed sand that make up Daytona Beach are well-known for their accessibility. Although cars are permitted on Daytona Beach, the 20-mile stretch of sand is suitable for wide-tired cruisers as well. You can take on any of the 3 must-ride biking trails on the beach, the spring-to-spring trail, river-to-see loop, or the Ormond Beach scenic loop & trail. Just bring your ebike with you for a more comfortable ride…we recommend the our Cruiser Bike for such a trip.

Jacksonville Beach

3. Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach, located east of Jacksonville, is a perfect place to ride bikes on the beach. Load up your bike at the back of your car and head to Jacksonville beach and spend a few hours cruising along the beach. Bicycle racks can be found outside of the city's shops and restaurants too.

South Beach

4. South Beach, Miami

South Beach is one of the most popular beach resorts for bike rides. While the main streets of South Beach are congested, the sidewalk along Lummus Park in the art deco district has the best view of both the beach and the beautiful architecture along Ocean Drive. The original wooden Miami Beach Boardwalk stretched from 23rd to 46th Streets, with a paved path (the Promenade) added later to extend it south to 5th Street. It's now about 5 miles long, including both the boardwalk and the Promenade, as it heads to MacArthur Causeway.

Ceday Key Beach

5. Cedar Key

Cedar Key is a small historic bike town in Florida, making it easier to get around to with just a bike. The island is just two square miles and is listed on the National Historic Site Register. A bike ride past some of the old houses, including the Island Hotel & Restaurant, has scenic views of old-fashioned Florida.

St. Joseph's Peninsula

6. St. Joseph’s Peninsula

One of the state’s most treasured beaches, St. Joseph’s Peninsula State Park features tall sugar white sand dunes off Florida’s panhandle. While biking on the sand at low tide is possible, local businesses such as Scallop Cove advocate sticking to the nearly four miles of paved path that parallels the beach's sandy coastline within the state park.

Key West

7. Key West

Biking is not just the fastest way to get around Key West's four square miles, but it's still the only way. Owing to the lack of parking on the island, many residents considered biking to be the most accessible means of transportation. Many people are no longer taking their vehicles to Key West so they can ride or take a speedboat there. Head over the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail if you want to take a longer ride minus the traffic.

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