Meet my friend John

Meet my friend John

Here's a picture of my friend John and I outside of our world HQ on a recent visit.

Our story started about a year ago when John called the company looking to ask a few questions about our pre-order. He asked and we talked for almost 20 minutes about the bike. We talked about battery life and pedal assist and how the throttle worked. He liked the idea and thought he could get a lot of use out of our bike. He decided he would like a bike in the Spring, so he placed his pre-order and started planning his 80 mile ride from his hometown to Madison Wisconsin. I encouraged him to start a little smaller but he loves to think big!

Spring came quickly and I had a potential supplier that I wanted to see in Johns town, so I called him up and asked if I could drop the bike off. Turns out Johns social acumen had him in contact with the owner so he gave me some tips, we set a date and agreed to meet.

I met with the supplier and then headed over to Johns house, about a block away, where he greeted me and we went over the bike. We talked for quite some time about his 6 tours of duty and mechanical skills. He led a very interesting life and still works as a key machine rebuilder around the country for a big company with a household name. We both love manufacturing and equipment and my son had just joined the National guard, so we really had a great time with lots to talk about. Johns wife had even gotten donuts and coffee to relax with.

John took delivery in his bike and his wife took a picture of the two of us in his house. Its always great to meet our great customers. But our story was not quite finished......

Early November I got a call from John saying he was in the area and would like to stop by. We love having customers in and I thought it would be great to catch up and see if he made the 80 mile trip yet.

Turns out he was a few hours a way (closer than his hometown, but not quite in the neighborhood) and he made the trip down, just to see us and talk for a minute.

Well, we had a great time touring the shop, talking ebikes and finding out about his upcoming trip to Vietnam and some of the planes he worked on while he served.

We took another picture and said goodbye. After he left, I really thought about what great customers we have at the company. We really like hearing the stories of our riders and getting to know them. There is always common ground in our community. I am grateful and blessed to be a part of it.

To those who purchased bikes from us. Thank you so much for your trust come on over and let's talk bikes! To those who are thinking of it, stop on by or give us a call. Find out what makes us different.

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