Ebike Riders: John Hammes

Ebike Riders: John Hammes

A couple of months ago, I shared a story about my friend John. This time around, he wrote to share his story with us…

Dean, just a few days ago on Thursday the 30th of March which was a beautiful day with sun and 55 degrees and hardly no wind. It was a nice day to take my Boogie bike out for ride. I rode to West Salem, Wisconsin which is about 4 1⁄2 miles from Bangor to visit a friend I knew from my old job. He wanted to show me his new electric bike he bought at a bike shop in La Crosse that he was very proud of. Well, I believe when he saw my Boogie Bike, he was still proud but not as proud after I let him ride mine for a while and I rode his on the bike trail. He told me there is a difference between his and mine. Mine was comfortable to ride he said, more like a Cadillac or a Lincoln comparing his Electric Bike. He said that his was more like a Ford or a Chevy. Although, Ford and Chevy make a good quality product, but they also make upgraded cars such as the Cadillac and Lincoln. Which he was referring to my Boogie Bike.

He bought his bike last spring. It was a standard electric bike with a standard seat, smaller tires, with no fenders and head/rear lights and standard brakes. His is also built as a men’s bike which I had trouble getting my leg over the cross bar. (I am 80 years old you see) He bought a upgraded wider seat, upgraded Handle bar gripes and installed fenders and a light kit. He also installed upgraded tires. For the upgraded equipment he installed he had to pay extra for that. His also had a 500-Watt Motor and I don’t know what size his battery was, however. He paid less money for this bike than I did, which he said was a lot for a bike. He never told me exactly how much, but he said around $1200 Dollars. And with his upgrades, this put the price up some more. Then he said to me that his budget was still a Ford or Chevy when compared to mine.

We rode for a couple of hours on the bike trail around La Crosse. I rode his for a while and he rode my Boogie Bike. I noticed that he sat more upright in my Boogie Seat and not leaning over the handlebars, as my higher handlebars put him in a better position for riding comfort. He said that he had a much more comfortable and superior ride then compared to his. He noticed my bike had no cross bar and my Boogie step through frame made it easier for him to get on my bike. I didn’t tell him about the 750-Watt motor, but he mentioned that my Boogie bike had more power. Then I told him later. I was not comfortable riding his. First, it was difficult for me to mount his bike with no step thru frame and I sat on his (supposed to be an) upgraded seat. We rode for a while as I too was leaning forward over the handlebars on his bike. His did not have the power with his 500-Watt motor as compared to my Boogie Bike that had 750-watt power. He passed me up when going up a small hill and I had his speed controller throttle wide open.

He also noticed my Boogie Bike had larger 750-Watt Motor, a high-quality Samsung battery, a high-quality Shimano Shifter, all steel fenders and a headlight and tail light package. Plus, a step-thru high quality frame and a much better, easily to work the controller. He liked my front basket and rear battery frame which could install a bag or box to it. I mention that the Service was amazing and that a 5-year warranty was one of the reasons I bought the bike, not mentioning the Military Discount that I got and the free shipping. I told him to get on Facebook or the internet and type in Boogie Bikes. I mentioned that this bike was built in the USA and in Wisconsin.

Thank You, Dean and your Boogie Nation. I tell you ONE THING, I enjoy riding my Bike and enjoy telling others about the high quality bike that you guys build. I hope this guy puts his budget bike up for sale and looking to buy a much well equip bike such as a BOOGIE ELECTRIC BIKE. Thank you again from John Hammes from Bangor, WI.

If you’d like to share your own Cruiser Bike story, we’d love to read it too. Send us an email at info@boogiebike.com and let us know how an electric bike changed your life.

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