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Riding a bicycle is one of the easiest forms of transportation. Most people learn to ride bikes at a young age and true enough, you never forget how to ride a bike. While riding a bike is simple, convenient, cheap, and economical for most people, it can be hard for the elderly or people with physical disabilities to manage. Pedaling up and down hills or carrying heavy loads can put a strain on the legs and may cause cramping, exhaustion, or flare up of minor chronic conditions. Fortunately in the past few years, a new generation of electric bicycles were created to provide a more convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

What are electric bikes?

When you hear the words “electric bike” what mostly comes to mind is a scooter or an electric motorcycle. Maybe even something from the Jetsons or futurama; however, that is not the case. An e-bike is a regular pedal bike with attached electrical components. The components typically include: an electric motor, battery, and sensor inputs that give the rider an extra boost while cycling.

How do ebikes work?

An electric bike pedals and handles just the same as using a regular pedal bicycle. The electric component boosts the human power to make it easier to ride through and manage obstacles like headwind and hills. It also allows you to travel further without getting as tired as when you’re riding a regular bicycle. In some cases the line between electric bike and electric moped are blurred. In those cases, the bike is “pedalable” but not really meant to be pedaled.

Three main components

As previously stated, there are 3 main components that make up an electric bike:

The Motor

Cruiser bike motorThe motor comes in a variety of power ratings, ranging from 200W to 1,000W or more. Bikes are available with rear hub, front hub or mid-drive motors. Our Cruiser Bike has a powerful 750W rear hub motor. The motor provides the best bang for the buck and is the largest for a Class 2 electric bike. Being a direct drive and paired with a 13.6Ah battery, it delivers a quiet ride with great efficiency and distance. Having a larger motor proved to give the best cycling experience whether facing a hill or headwind.

The Battery

Cruiser bike battery packThe battery placement is a topic of much discussion in the ebike world. Cruiser bike’s battery is located in a rear pack, making it easier for you to swap it out, or charge inside. We partnered with Samsung to provide a premium product, 13.6AH 48V battery pack, double the capacity of other electric bikes. Rear rack placements are often derided for making the bike top heavy, but with the Cruiser Bike Step-through, this is not an issue. Charge time is based on usage, with a normal charge time between 2 and 4 hours.

The Sensor

The sensor, located along the crank shaft that connects the pedals, senses when you begin pedaling and starts the motor to give you the desired assist level. With an Ebike Cruiser, you can control the amount of assist on the display which offers five pedal assist levels to maximize your ride quality.

These main components working together make up for easier rides wherever you go. The battery provides power to the motor which gives the rider the assistance needed to get through headwind, hills, and long rides. The display gives you control on how much power is used to assist your ride.

Ebike Cruiser

Cruiser Bike

Our Cruiser Bike is an American assembled electric bike which allows you to take longer bike rides without the fear of running out of energy halfway through the ride, feeling as tired, or avoiding outside time as when you ride a regular pedal bike. You would be able to get outside and get exercise without worrying about having the energy to get back. Since it’s assembled in the US, you get a product that is built by people who care and can directly support your needs and questions.

Do you want to try it out first? We have a 15-day try at home Boogie guarantee.

Dean DuMez
Dean DuMez

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Dean DuMez
Dean DuMez

February 12, 2021

They charge just like a laptop. One end of a transformer setup plugs into the wall, one end into the power port on the bike’s battery. Can be charged in the bike, or removed for easy charging and storage inside!


January 27, 2021

I am new to e bikes. My question is: How is it charged?

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