Get More From Door

Get More From Door

Everyone knows that Door County Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and provides scenery on the Lake Michigan and Green Bay side second to none.  Everyone also knows that Door County can be a challenge to enjoy because of it's rural setting and many, many, many hills.  Let's take a look at a couple of ways to get more out of your next trip!

Find a Mode of Transportation that is Easy and Fun to Use

  • Driving; while this might be the easiest to use and certainly the most functional on very long trips, parking and congestion can make it a hassle to use a car.  Especially in town or in the many state and county parks, finding a spot can be a big deal!

  • Walking; this one is also very easy, until you start to put on some miles.   Walking to and from a parked car is functional and needed, but walking long distances up and down inclines can make the most beautiful day turn into a drag.

  • Biking;  If you own a bike it can be fun and enjoyable to put miles on in Door County, there are a ton of bike paths ( enjoy your time and some really neat hidden un-used roads to explore as well.  If you are not a regular avid biker, the hills might prove daunting especially if there is any wind during the day.

  • Boutique;  From Segways to Kayaks, there are a ton of botique ways to get around in the Door.  While they can be fun, they are rarely easy, and most certainly very expensive unless you own your equipment.

  • Ebiking; A newer alternative to the popular "regular" (non-motorized) bike, an ebike provides a great way to avoid traffic and parking hassles while allowing even the most novice user to go further easier.  Suitable to most trails (check your map before you go) and roads an ebike is a super way to have fun at your own pace.  Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy all the parks and scenery that the door has to offer.  Have more fun without hassle.

Plan Your Route

  • Resources; Before you leave look at available resources to see what might be in a packaged trip.  A quick google search will yeild plenty of results, but here's a few ideas:

      1. Packaged Trips (Clickable link)

      2. Full Map with Trails and Recommended Roads (Clickable Link)

  • Take the long way;  Take a look at a local map and find the roads that don't connect any place, a rule of thumb in the door is stay off the County and State Highways, it will help you stay safe and find those great spots to make more memories. 

  • Read Blogs; Don't want to play favorites, but you've got a great start on this one, you might be able to find something in the same vein, but we doubt it will be as good:)

Pack a Bag

  • Bring the Essentials; Don't forget water, hydration is key to enjoying your time.  A light snack for shorter trips, and something bigger for in between the great local eateries that you might want to enjoy.  

  • Bring Extras; it's not a bad idea to have a bike pump and a patch kit along.  An emergency poncho and any weather appropriate gear is a good idea as well.  Door County is quaint, but being prepared is a very good idea!

  • Bring Something Fun; Pack light, but always be sure to take some fun along.  You might end up swimming or hiking for a bit, a little spontaneity and you might need that swimsuit, hiking shoes, or salsa dress.  Plan to have fun and enjoy!


In conclusion, we hope you enjoy your trip to Door County and hope you will find some fun Ebiking around.  If you want to have the most fun with a stylish and high funformance bike, we hope you will consider our company.  Built in the same great state as Door County we strive to be the best value in Ebiking period.  On your way to have fun in the Door, you can even stop by our place in Waldo Wisconsin for a free test ride.  Meet the crew and we can tell you all about "the day when we...........



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