Celebrating Independence Day: Fun Facts and Our Biggest Sale of the Year

Celebrating Independence Day: Fun Facts and Our Biggest Sale of the Year

As Independence Day rolls around, everyone at Small Town Bike Co. is ready to kick off the celebrations with a bang. Not only are we excited to recognize and appreciate our nation’s history, but we also have some interesting tidbits to share with you about this iconic day.

Plus, we’re launching our biggest sale of the year! But before we get into that, let’s dive into some fun Independence Day facts.

American's Love for Hotdogs Did you know Americans consume over 150 million hotdogs on July 4th? That's a lot of grilling! As much as we all love a great cookout, it’s important to remember that Independence Day is about so much more than food—it's about celebrating our freedom and those who fought for it.

Population Growth Here's a fun fact: Today, the United States is home to 314 million people, but back in 1776, the population was just 2.5 million! It's astonishing to think about how our nation has grown and thrived over the centuries.

Our Northern Neighbors Even our neighbors to the North, Canada, have their own version of Independence Day, celebrated three days before ours. Yes, that's right, Canada Day falls on July 1st, which is why we’re starting our Independence Day sale a little early this year.

George Washington’s 4th of July Celebration Did you know that George Washington celebrated the 4th of July holiday by giving his soldiers a double ration of rum? We might not be able to replicate Washington's celebrations, but we can certainly toast to our freedom with our favorite beverages!

Fireworks Display Americans spend over a staggering 1 billion dollars on fireworks annually. Small towns across the nation contribute to this figure, spending anywhere between 8 thousand and 15 thousand on average on their fireworks displays. Fireworks are a tradition that brings communities together to marvel at the beautiful spectacle and reflect on our shared history.

A Patriotic Symbol Lastly, an interesting fact related to One World Trade Center in New York – its height is exactly 1776 feet, symbolizing the year of our independence. It's a daily reminder of the freedom we've fought for and the resilience of our nation.

Our Biggest Sale of the Year In honor of Independence Day, we're thrilled to announce our biggest sale of the year! We're offering $500 off all e-bike purchases, plus a $100 gift card. This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in a quality, American-made e-bike and join the Small Town Bike Co. community.

From everyone at Small Town Bike Co., we wish you a fun, safe, and fantastic Independence Day. As we celebrate, let's remember to appreciate the freedom we have and the individuals who've fought for it. Happy 4th of July!

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