Boogie Riders: Brenda Kern

Boogie Riders: Brenda Kern

We reached out to Brenda and asked about her life before and after the Cruiser Bike. Here's her story:

I always loved riding bikes as a kid. I stopped riding as I grew older, because I spent most of my time pushing my bike back up the hills. I missed riding and happened to notice an ad for an electric bike. This was what I needed so I could enjoy the area bike trails! I began doing research on them – Boogie Bike had the best features for the price; and it was built in the USA. Their quick customer service responses to my inquiries sealed the deal. When my Boogie Bike arrived, and I took my first ride, I was hooked. It was so easy to adjust the Pedal Assist to accommodate the grade I was riding on. The throttle is nice too – if you are tired you can let it pull the bike up the hill. I mostly use the throttle on start off, by slightly pushing it - since I am short it gets the bike moving slowly for me while I get my feet positioned and moving on the pedals. I have had my Boogie Bike for almost a year now and am nearing 800 miles with no issues. The Boogie Bike makes riding something I want to do because I like being out in the sunshine enjoying the scenery. I am noticing the increased health benefit of riding daily, both physically and mentally. The only complaint I have is it is addictive, and I just can’t seem to stop “boogie-ing”.

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