10 Best Food to Eat Before Biking

10 Best Food to Eat Before Biking

These days we are seeing more and more people using electric bikes for transportation, recreation and exercise. Like with any other form of exercise or sport, you will need to fuel your body correctly. The main things you will need in order to carry out rides are: energy, stamina and recovery time. These can be achieved by introducing the right sort of food into your diet in the correct quantities.

10 Best Food to Eat Before Biking

  1. Quinoa
    Quinoa (pronounced Keen-Wa) is a better alternative to rice or couscous because it has twice the protein of standard cereal grains and provides cyclists with slow-release energy. Quinoa has a mild, almost nutty flavor and is commonly cooked like rice, but it can also be baked into a healthy homemade energy bar. It's also flexible because it works well in both sweet and savory dishes.
  2. Pasta
    Pasta has been the go-to meal for endurance athletes for a long time.

    Since pasta is a slow-release energy meal, it's best to consume it two to three hours before a trip to give your body enough time to absorb and turn it to energy when you need it. Pasta can also be eaten in the days running up to a major trip to help you optimize your glycogen reserves.
  3. Bread
    Bread is another high carbohydrate product with a low GI, which means it releases energy slowly, although this depends on the kind of bread you pick. Rye bread, for example, is a better option because it releases energy more slowly than white bread, which has a higher glycemic index. A white bread sandwich with peanut butter or jam can be exactly what you need before a ride if you need a fast energy boost.
  4. Porridge
    Porridge is a great breakfast to eat before a race, particularly if you have an early start. It's best to eat it a couple of hours before you ride so you don't head off with a full stomach and your body has time to absorb it. Add any extra ingredients to your porridge, such as dried fruit, banana, or jelly, to make it more filling.
  5. Granola
    Granola is a healthy source of carbohydrates. Since it is a whole grain, it is not as quickly broken down as processed cereals, so the energy is absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream, making it an excellent source of fuel for a long ebike ride. Granola may also be used as a crunchy topping for other snacks, or baked into a cake or energy bar to eat before or after a ride.
  6. Bagel
    The bagel is a decent source of carbohydrates for those who struggle to consume a cereal-based diet before cycling. A regular bagel contains more than 280 calories, more than 56 grams of carbohydrates, and more than 11 grams of protein, rendering it an ideal snack for cyclists. The sort of bagel (and topping) you pick will influence how easily the carbohydrates are broken down into energy, with a multigrain or whole-wheat bagel containing more fiber and therefore offering slower-release energy.
  7. Energy Bar
    There are a variety of energy bars around, each with a different amount of carbohydrates and protein. They're good as a snack to eat before your ebike ride, and they're a perfect way to simply top off your glycogen levels to near maximum. You should be able to find one that fits your preferences and ability to chew thanks to the range of bars, flavors, and consistency.
  8. Bananas
    A banana is a perfect mid-GI snack to enjoy in the half-hour or so before a ride. The banana's ripeness determines how easily the energy it produces becomes available. A ripe banana can be digested and absorbed much faster than a green banana, so the kind you eat can be determined by what else you've consumed and how easily you need an energy boost.
  9. Peanut Butter
    When opposed to other protein options such as fish, lean foods, eggs, and protein bars and shakes, peanut butter is a healthy and inexpensive source of protein for cyclists. It's a fantastic way to fuel your trip when paired with carbohydrates like bread, bananas, or even satay sauce and noodles.
  10. Chia Seeds
    Chia seeds are a little-known superfood that cyclists can take advantage of to improve their energy levels. They are practically flavorless and can be added to just about everything, including puddings, salads, and soups, without the need to prepare them. They can also be ground into a powder and mixed into a sports drink for an added boost. A teaspoon of chia seeds contains around 60 calories.

Fuel Up Before You Go Riding

Electric bikes are fun. To maximize your electric bike experience and ensure it is all fun and games, it’s important that we prepare our bodies for the electrically assisted cycling experience. These food suggestions should sustain you during your ebike rides.

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