10 Best Cities to Ebike in the US

10 Best Cities to Ebike in the US

Biking can be a great way to get around. On top of the health benefits that comes with ebike riding, it’s great for the environment and saves you money.

If you’re an avid rider, or even just an enthusiast, you may be interested to know which cities are the most bike friendly in the country.

10 Best Cities to Ebike in the US

  1. Portland, OR  Portland is a great place for bikes. The city is built for it, making it the advocate for cyclist communities. Different studies show that about 5-8% of commuters bike to work daily, and the car-free bridge Tilikum Crossing allows bikers to get past the rush hour traffic.
  2. Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN
    Minnesotans are loyal to the cyclist lifestyle. While you would need to put on a few layers of clothing during the winter, it’s the second highest bicycle commuting city with 3.7% of the population biking to work. It also ranks high in terms of miles of protected bike lanes. Taking your ebike to ride along the 226-mile bikeways is a great transportation alternative.
  3. Seattle, WA
    Seattle is a great place to get around on a bicycle. The Emerald City has the perfect combination of nature and urban life. With a higher median income, its residents have the ability to afford a 4-wheel vehicle. Still, 3.8% of the population choose to commute by bike to work. An ebike is a great way for city dwellers to explore the forests, cruise on the beach, or just ride through the city.
  4. Washington, DC
    Cruising through the nation’s capital can feel freeing as riding ebikes have become a more popular form of transportation. The District of Columbia has 48 miles of bike lanes allowing 4.3% of commuters to bike to work. Riding ebikes makes sure the commuters arrive at their destination on time.
  5. San Francisco, CA
    The Golden Gate City has met its match with ebikes. The pedal assist helps cyclists ride through the fog and reach the top of the rolling hills without exerting too much physical effort. It has become the country’s largest ebike sharing hubs with the city’s 200+ mile bikeways. The city also has a high percentage of bike commuters to work at 4.2%
  6. New York, NY
    The Big Apple, the hub for public transit, has increasingly become more ebike friendly in recent years. With its population of 8.6 million, the city needs an alternative form of transportation that allows people to get around the yellow taxis while decreasing the city’s carbon footprint. E-bikes add spice to the concrete jungle by making deliveries, errands, and strolls around the city more fun.
  7. Los Angeles, CA
    The City of Angels is full of freeways and is infamous for its traffic jams. But the city also has 1,190 miles of bikeways suitable for ebike riders. It also helps riders to admire the ocean view without being swept away by the wind on scenic coastal trips.
  8. Boston, MA
    Massachusetts is one of the most bike-friendly states in the country in terms of the number of biking commuters, infrastructure and facilities, and public safety. With Boston and Cambridge regarded as the best locations for cycling in the Commonwealth.
  9. Austin, TX
    With an increasingly growing population, Austin’s streets are becoming full of bike riders. Among the city’s 110+ parks leads a trail to a zoo of illuminated crafted bicycles. Ebikes are most welcome to zip through the 6-mile-long Lance Armstrong bikeway and the city’s other 325 miles bike lanes.
  10. Boulder, CO
    Boulder CO
    Boulder’s love for bicycling has resulted in a distinct bike culture. In fact, parking your car and renting a bicycle is the best way to truly see the city. Boulder ranked first in the best city for bikes from People for Bikes and made it to the Top 13 Cycling Cities in the US by the Travel Channel. The city's outskirts are lined with majestic mountain ranges, offering a scenic path for all riders. E-bikes are suitable for training for high-intensity bike trails such as Walker's Ranch.

Each city offers a different way to enjoy ebike rides so don’t be discouraged if your city didn’t make the list. Let us know in the comments what your city has to offer that makes it a great location for ebike rides.

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