8 Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

8 Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have gained popularity over the years. They are fast, fun, and help us enjoy longer rides compared to riding a conventional bike. It has a battery that powers a motor, which gives the rider an extra boost of power when needed. There’s a misconception that since electric bikes do all the hard work, then surely it can’t be considered a form of physical activity or healthy living. Right?

On the contrary, riding an electric bike, whether just for fun or during your daily commute, can greatly contribute to your health. It helps improve brain function, cardiovascular conditioning, and helps you maintain a healthy body weight, all while letting you choose the amount of effort needed.

8 Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

  1. Strengthens your cardiovascular system. An ebike is still a bike. The pedal assists allow you to exert less effort and energy than a conventional bike, if you choose, but you still have to move to get it running. Frequent ebike rides can improve your cardiorespiratory performance and general health since it will still get your heart rate up. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a leisure ride or running quick errands. The saying goes, it is a little easier, but you will use it a LOT more.

    According to Dr. Amar Singal, a cardiologist, “cycling is one of the best cardio exercises for people of all age groups and all body types. It not only helps burn calories and keeps weight under control, but also helps build stamina and increase muscle and bone strength. Being a low impact exercise, it is also soft on the joints and unlike hard gym training sessions, it doesn’t put you at risk of overuse injuries or sprains. This is why it can also be taken up by elderly people who have arthritic joints.”
  2. Regular rides build muscle. With the battery powered motor and level assist making longer bike rides possible and encouraging frequent rides, the pedaling and maintaining posture will build muscle. This boosts muscle endurance in addition to strength. You will certainly notice your battery lasting longer as your strength and stamina improve.
  3. Boosts your immune system. According to a research published in The Journal of Applied Physiology, regular ebike rides as a form of moderate exercise may reduce the risk of contracting an upper respiratory tract infection in adults by 29 percent compared to adults who do not exercise. A Reader’s Digest report also states that a University of California-San Diego research found that 20-minutes of exercise adjusted to your fitness level can boost your immune system.
  4. Lose weight and boost metabolism. Longer rides increases your resting metabolism rate. When you ride regularly at medium intensity, your body adapts to its metabolism rate. A higher metabolism means more calories are burned. More calories burned means you lose weight.
  5. Get exercise regardless of ability. Electric bikes offer a gentler ride making it accessible to everyone. Regardless of age or level of training or lack of it, anyone can ride an electric bike and enjoy its benefits. You also don’t have to be an expert cyclist or be physically fit to enjoy ebike rides.
  6. Improves mental health. Exercise is already excellent for mental health as it reduces anxiety and boosts self-esteem. Riding an ebike offers a fulfilling experience in addition to the endorphins produced by exercise.

    Ebike rides can also be a social activity. You can meet up with friends and enjoy small adventures as you go exploring together.
  7. Get better sleep. Regular exercise like riding ebikes may also contribute to fighting insomnia and getting better sleep. Aside from the energy exhausted from cycling, people who exercised are also less likely to wake up during the night than those who live sedentary lives.
  8. Reduce stress. Any form of exercise can be therapeutic, but riding an ebike is a more fun and enjoyable experience. According to the American Council on Exercise, “people who exercise regularly will tell you they feel better. Some will say it’s because chemicals called neurotransmitters, which are produced in the brain, are stimulated during exercise. Since it’s believed that neurotransmitters mediate people’s mood and emotions, they can make you feel better and less stressed.”

Get Your Own Electric Bike

An electric bike makes physical activity fun, easy, and accessible. You can take your bike for small adventures, running errands, or commuting to work. With all the health benefits you can get from riding an ebike, we bet you’d want to get one for yourself. Our Boogie Bike Cruiser is a great option for beginners and experienced cyclists alike.

However, we suggest doing some research before making a decision. If you need any assistance, feel free to call us at 833-266-4432.

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I’m so happy to see this. I love riding my bike and thought that it would be great to get some exercise. Some of my friends that ride " real bikes" look at me when I say I ride for exercise. I usually ride with the PAS off and only use it on hills when I drop down below 6 miles/ hr. I have ridden more since I got it that I did in the past 5 years combined. I already lost weight and inches and I feel great. I haven’t ridden since mid December due to the weather and an unfortunate little Christmas decorating injury that will have me laid up for about 6 weeks. I can’t wait to get back to it when the weather – and I- get better.
Thanks again,
Mariann Ward

Mariann Ward

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