6 Best Places to Ride an Ebike in The Summer

6 Best Places to Ride an Ebike in The Summer

It’s summer! While you can ride an ebike in any season, summer is one of the best times to head out on an adventure or a weekend road trip. One of the best parts about riding an ebike is seeing the sights and getting outside, right? Getting some fresh air, enjoying the wind in your face, seeing nature as you pedal away. 

Whether you are looking for some adventure, a new ride spot or just a way to hang out with your friends away from the busy city life, you might want to check some of the places where to take your ebike or electric bike on your next ride.

6 Best Places to Ride Your Ebike in the Summer

Chicago’s Lakeshore

Chicago's shoreline is covered with trails. You could ride your bike from Chicago's northern Roger's Park neighborhood all the way downtown to the Museum of Science and Industry. That's around 16 kilometers of pure riding joy. You'll pass Chicago's sandy beaches...yes, they have them...as well as the elegant high-rises of the renowned Lincoln Park district on your way south to the museum (as well as the free Lincoln Park Zoo). When you get to downtown, you may check out the carefully constructed Millennium and Grant parks, as well as Navy Pier. Continue south, passing Soldier Field on your way to your last destination, The Museum of Science and Industry, which is located close to the historic University of Chicago. Make a day of it by stopping at some of these places along the road.

Lake Tahoe

Beautiful Lake Tahoe is one of those places that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Tahoe, with its deep blue lakes and lush pine-covered mountains, has an appeal that only a few other fabled places on the world can match. The greatest thing about Tahoe is the wide range of activities available, including hiking, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing, swimming, skydiving, and, of course, bicycling. When riding in Tahoe, there are several levels of difficulty. You may pick between a difficult mountain track and a gentler “off-road” bike path, or you can cycle the lakefront walkways and trails. Check out the South Tahoe tourist site for a fantastic resource on the many bike options in Tahoe!

Denver City Park

Denver City Park is a green jewel in the middle of Denver, Colorado offering visitors not only natural beauty but also many recreational and cultural opportunities. The 300-acre park is full of open fields, winding trails, and geese-filled lakes, and of course, the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Not only that, every corner of the park offers a great view of the Denver City skyline. You can start your adventure by having breakfast at Syrup, a popular restaurant in Denver which happens to have a branch just across from the park. As you go riding, you can enjoy other features of the park such as the MLK memorial statue, the Thatcher Fountain, and the City Park Pavilion.

Shark Valley, Miami Florida

The Shark Valley is located in the Everglades, just west of Miami, Florida. It’s a must-see location for tourists and locals. It has a huge network of trails through the Everglades that leads to a looping elevated overlook with amazing panoramic views of one of earth's most distinctive ecosystems. Some sections of the trail wind through dense, swampy brush, while others are open and allow you to enjoy the sun. All of the trails, however, provide something unique: up-close wildlife viewing. As you travel through the southern frontier, you will encounter alligators, crocodiles, turtles, deer, snakes, herons, and storks.

Central Park, NYC

If your definition of adventure involves fresh air, unobstructed views, and peace and quiet, Central Park is not just for the fleet-footed. Cyclists from all over flock to this 6.1 mile loop at least once in their visit to New York City.

Central Park is one of the most well known parks in the world, but many don’t realize what an incredible resource it really is. It earned its reputation as a necessity for locals to escape the city, but with incredible views and gentle terrain, it is also a great place for beginners to get started on a long weekend urban hike or bike ride.

Hiawatha Trail

The beautiful Hiawatha Trail spans the border between Idaho and Montana. The path winds around mountains, beneath tunnels, and over bridges and is built on an abandoned set of railroad lines. The greatest part is that the entire trail is somewhat downhill, making it a simple bike ride (unless you plan on doing it in reverse). Because of the railroad's unique heritage, guided excursions are also available to assist you learn more about the railroad's and the region's past. This is where you should ride if the mountains are more of your scene.

A Few Things To Do Before You Go Ebike Riding

Always check the local regulations of your destination before going there. In some municipalities, rules and regulations change without notice. You wouldn’t want to waste your trip, right?

Do a full inspection of your ebike before you go riding. You wanna make sure your bike is in top shape to prevent accidents or problems along the way.

To have the best possible experience on your ebike, please make sure to follow these safety tips.

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