10 Reasons to Visit National Parks

10 Reasons to Visit National Parks

America is home to some of the world's most beautiful national parks. There is no excuse to miss out on such great natural beauty.

If you are used to vacationing in big cities and staying close to the action – museums, restaurants, hotels, beach resorts, and entertainment – visiting a national park can be far from your mind. Many people will never think about visiting a national park as an exciting vacation destination. It may be different, but we are going to give you reasons why you should reconsider.

There are now 61 national parks spread across 29 states and two U.S. territories. This equates to almost 52 million acres of natural wonders just waiting to be found! Here are ten great excuses to visit a National Park, whether you are a city dweller, a wildlife enthusiast, or an explorer.

10 Reasons to Visit National Parks

1. It’s easy to keep your distance

In the midst of the Covid-19 virus epidemic in the United States, communities are witnessing unprecedented responses to what was previously believed to be the flu. Schools and libraries have been shut down. Large annual celebrations, such as the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago, are being cancelled. The NBA, Big 10, MLB, and many other sporting activities are either closed to the public or cancelled. The advantage of parks is that you are not exposed to small crowds in a confined environment. As a result, if you are within a few hours drive, it is an excellent getaway choice. As always, exercise caution and consult the Center for Disease and Prevention and the World Health Organization for the most up-to-date statistics.

2. It’s affordable

Entering a park requires a pass, and the regular $80 pass (one entrance at Disney) gives you access to over 2,000 parks in the U.S. for a whole year! Here are a few additional ways to save money on an annual pass:

  • Seniors Annual Pass - $20 (the grandparents don’t have to be left behind)
  • Access Pass - Free (for US permanent residents with disabilities)
  • 4th Graders Pass - Free (valid Sep thru Aug)
  • US Military - Free
  • Volunteers - Free

The National Parks also have free admission days on a regular basis. If you want to try it out without getting an annual pass, you can access one park for a fraction of the price.

3. Enjoy the natural and scenic view

This is an excellent time to get out there.

The decline of human mobility has allowed wildlife to invade most towns making them the new tourists around.

Recently, the internet was flooded with images and videos of animals wandering the streets. There are reports from San Francisco with coyote sightings near the city. While in Boulder CO, mountain lions were spotted in people’s yards.

Apart from the reports of wild animal sightings exploring the city streets, there have also been reports showing an increased air quality in polluted areas. There are fewer cars on the road, and factories and power plants have come to a standstill. There is less fossil fuel combustion, which releases nitrogen dioxide (NO2) into the atmosphere. As a result, air quality has improved.

It's a wonderful time to go outside and see what wildlife you might be able to see.

4. You can choose your adventure

Each National Park has its own vast expanse of land, allowing visitors to choose from a variety of seasonal activities. These vast open spaces encourage everyone to admire and discover every element of the unique country called the United States. As a result, they are a common destination for visitors who want to customize their trip according to their preferences.

You can also decide how long you want to spend in a National Park, who you want to go with, and what events you want to participate in.

After visiting a variety of National Parks, you'll eventually learn which ones match your preference and find your favorite, but you’ll have to explore to find out!

5. It keeps America beautiful

The National Park Service, which is part of the US Department of the Interior, is in charge of running the national parks. While we have access to the parks, it is managed by the federal government. Any fee and purchases made on the park goes toward operating costs. Although there is an annual budget, there is a $12 billion maintenance work backlog. The parks depend on the public to help bridge the funding gap.

6. It’s good for your heart

Being in touch with nature has many health benefits. Walking or hiking is a great way to meet your daily step goal. While cycling is an excellent way to get exercise and explore the park and ebike can help you explore farther and at your own pace. You’d be killing two birds with one stone. These activities can help strengthen the muscles, increase your stamina, lower blood sugar, and enhance your mood. A lot of people turn to exercise and fresh air to relieve stress and clear their minds. Higher altitude weather is usually fresher than city air, so you'll head home rested and much healthier.

7. Helps you live in the moment

We live in a technologically advanced era in which people can't go an hour without checking their devices. This single device allows you to access loved ones, resources, world news, and social media. A trip to a National Park is a great way to disconnect from the digital world. Turning off your devices would allow you to live in the moment, be more social with your travel companions, and enjoy the beauty of life.

8. Gets you out of your comfort zone

Visiting a National Park has a very different charm than going on vacation in a big city. National Parks are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with one of the benefits being the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and nature. A visit to a park may push you out of your comfort zone if you're used to multitasking, reading and responding to a lot of emails, or going out with your friends. But don't worry. You'll feel at home soaking up the solitude, meditating by a creek, walking over a thick log, or coming face to face with mule deer.

9. Road trip to many adventures

Pack your ebike on a bike rack and go on a road trip to another state. Enjoy the open road and the scenery along the way.

Road trips are small nuggets of adventure. They're the pre- and post-adventure activities. Consider the possibilities for making pit stops at oddities like the world's largest ball of yarn. Alternatively, a new general store selling the finest local goods.

10. It opens a door to new discoveries

When you visit a National Park, you are not only venturing into new territory, but you are also opening yourself up to new discoveries...in nature, life, and yourself. Being outside in wide-open spaces will stir your imagination and encourage you to think of endless possibilities.

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