10 Benefits of Cycling for Seniors

10 Benefits of Cycling for Seniors

Cycling for seniors is often unadvised. Experts can’t seem to agree if it would help or hurt the elderly. Ebike rides are actually beneficial for seniors and the only reason they may end up getting injured while cycling is due to lack of experience, not paying attention on the road, or wrong riding techniques.

Electric bikes are perfectly safe for seniors. They are specifically built to cater and assist people with mobility issues. Here are benefits of ebike rides for people over 55.

Benefits of Cycling for Seniors

  1. Low-impact, low-stress exercise. Cycling allows your body to move in smooth motions that doesn’t put any stress on your body, especially the knees. Unlike jogging, a commonly recommended exercise for seniors, is a high impact exercise that can put a strain on your knees, ankles, and even your feet.
  2. Weight loss by biking. Weight gain is a common problem for most seniors. Since they are no longer as physically active as they used to be, they tend to gain weight and have a hard time losing it, making them prone to diabetes and heart disease. Going on regular ebike rides, coupled with swimming, is an excellent way to stay in shape for anyone over 55.
  3. Great for your heart. The most common cause of death for seniors are stroke, heart disease, and heart attacks. Riding an ebike is a great way to keep those chronic ailments at bay. When you go on ebike rides, your body would need more oxygen to keep you going, forcing your heart to pump harder. Your cells will be properly oxygenated, releasing the energy you need to help you ride longer. As your heart gets the regular exercise to make it stronger, you reduce the odds of suffering from heart ailments.
  4. Improves your memory. Cycling is also great for seniors who are worried about memory loss or those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Cycling keeps your body working at maximum capacity, ensuring the brain is fully oxygenated, which in turn stimulates the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory.
  5. Reduces the risk of cancer. One of the leading causes of cancer is obesity. According to the World Health Organization, obesity has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of common cancers. Going on regular ebike rides reduces the risk of developing cancer.
  6. Going on ebike rides is a great way to exercise with fellow seniors. While you can enjoy electric bike rides by yourself, it is more enjoyable with company. Invite your fellow seniors for a ride and reap all the benefits while having fun.
  7. Cycling is good for your sex life. Our sex drive reduces as we age because our body no longer produces the required hormones to keep us going sexually. Cycling for seniors can help in keeping you stay sexually active. According to experts, elderly men who cycle have 25% more sex than those who don’t, while menopause in women can be delayed by up to 5 years.
  8. Senior cycling is great for body strength. Seniors commonly face a problem of losing muscle tone as they age which leads to loss of muscular strength. Doing regular exercises such as cycling greatly improves your muscular health, making your mitochondria healthier, which means your cells are healthier, and your muscles get stronger.
  9. Helps you live longer. Death occurs when there’s a lot of mitochondrial damage in cells that they can no longer sustain life. It happens as a result of old age or disease. The production of new cellular components in the mitochondria decreases and ceases to function as they get older. Cycling keeps the mitochondria healthy which in turn means having a longer lifespan.
  10. Cycling is fun. Retirement can become boring as you don’t have much to do or activities can be tiresome. Improve your lifestyle by buying an electric bike and using it frequently to gain the health benefits of cycling. Take your ebike for a spin and explore the surrounding environment, bond with your friends or family, or just meet new people.

Ebike Rides for Seniors: Is It Worth The Potential Risks?

Most injuries people get on an electric bike is caused by improper handling of the bicycle or not taking the necessary precautions. You can check out our ebike safety tips to be better prepared for your new life of ebike rides. The benefits do outweigh the risks and you shouldn’t have any problem riding your electric bike.

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