5 Reasons Why Riding an Ebike Isn’t Cheating

5 Reasons Why Riding an Ebike Isn’t Cheating

With the debate about whether or not riding an electric bicycle is cheating, there is no correct answer. That could depend on how you define cheating in this case. Ebike riders are often seen with a bad reputation from those that don't ride ebikes, but it doesn't have to be that way. The truth is that when done right, riding an ebike will allow you to ride stronger and longer, which may make your rides actually feel less like cheating as much as getting better results in a healthier manner.

5 Reasons Why Riding an Ebike Isn’t Cheating

It's good for the environment

Ebikes have made it easier for commuters all over the world to get out of their vehicles, off mass transit, and into the streets. Not only are ebikes a comfortable and often easier means of transportation, but they also mean that you do not arrive at work exhausted from a strenuous exercise, as you would on a conventional bicycle. Ebikes also assist with ensuring that you have enough energy to get home following a long day of work, not to mention helping those with minor physical disabilities getting the chance to get out and ride again.

Apart from the wellness benefits of riding a bike or ebike 5 days a week, getting out of your vehicle and off public transportation means less toxic gases are released into the environment, resulting in a healthier planet!

It's cheaper than gas or car payments

Compared to cars, ebikes save a lot of money in the long run. While electric bikes can be more costly at first, when you take in the costs of registration, insurance, tires, maintenance and repair, and depreciation, you'll find that they're far more cost-effective. Although ebikes will not be able to completely replace car trips, it is fair to assume that they will minimize not just the amount of time you spend in your car, but also the amount of money you spend on it each year.

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It's great for those with health issues

Traditional bikes are not for everyone and that’s okay. Electric bikes make it possible for people with health conditions or physical disabilities to ride and experience the same benefits as anyone else does. It’s not cheating because you make your own rules. For example, the Cruiser Bike has a step-through frame which makes it easier for those who have trouble swinging their leg over the back of the bike to ride. You can also pick your amount of pedal assist and supplement with the throttle as you ride at YOUR pace.

At the end of the day, you choose the best mode of transportation that fits your lifestyle and making the decision to ride an ebike doesn’t make the journey less enjoyable. In fact, you may have more fun doing so.

It encourages you to exercise more

Studies have shown that ebike owners go on more rides than normal cyclists. The reasons for this have yet to be thoroughly researched and established, but it may be due to the fact that when you have an ebike, you not only have more confidence in your ability to go out and ride that day, but the workout you're doing often doesn't feel as intense, and therefore as off-putting, as going for a ride on a regular bike. It makes going for a trip on a sunny day much more enticing! One facebook poster said “it’s (ebiking) 60% of the work of my normal bike, but I ride it 500% more.” Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but you get the point!

It allows you to travel further without worry

If you go for a leisurely bike ride, you'll stay well within your limits to avoid being exhausted. These limitations can restrict you to a certain area, such as one side of a lake or half the trail length.

Since you know the motor and battery are there to back you up if your legs start to tire, an ebike will give you the courage to go further than you anticipated. This gives you the confidence to be more adventurous on your ride, with the assurance that you'll arrive home. Here we call it (F)ear (O)f (G)etting (B)ack (T)ired, or FOGBT™. No need to worry with your ebike!

If you're not cheating then you're doing it right

With all the reasons TO ride an ebike, the answer is... riding an ebike is not cheating! Riding an ebike may be a little less exercise than your normal bike, but it certainly beats sitting on the couch. It can also help motivate you to make changes in your lifestyle. Don't let other people hold you back from riding your ebike. Get out there and be a happier, healthier you :)

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That’s a great question, and a great approach. At this point, ebikes at 750W or under are classified as bikes by the department of the interior. There is still a love “evolving” going on in the industry, so it’s good to check and see. Another worthwhile call might be to your insurance agent. We have not heard of any registrations required as of yet. We will try to keep everyone updated as we hear more.

Dean DuMez

In this article, you reference the cost of registration, insurance, and maintenance. How is an electric bike registered and insured? How about a license? I contacted the police department in my town and haven’t received a response.

Judy Gmach

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