5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Ebike in Top Shape

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Ebike in Top Shape

You've already invested a lot of money in your ebike purchase, so how do you make sure your baby stays in great shape? There are a lot of factors that can affect the life and performance of an ebike. With proper care and maintenance these bikes can last many years, but if you don't take care of your bike then you could be cruising for a fall. Keeping your ebike looking good doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, and we have some tips to make sure your ebike is in tip top shape.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Ebike in Top Shape

1. Keep Your Bike Clean

One of the easiest ways you can keep your ebike in top shape is by keeping it clean. The frequency by which you clean your ebike is up to you but we recommend wiping it down after every ride to prevent dirt build-up.

Keep a soft brush with non-abrasive bristles or a piece of cloth by your front door or garage. Thoroughly brush or wipe down your bike before storing it, making sure every nook and cranny is dry.

2. Don’t leave your ebike exposed to the elements

Never keep your ebike outside where dew, rain, or snow might gather. Moisture can cause rust or corrosion, which you do not want. Even if you cover it, moisture will work its way into the bike. While your bike may be water resistant, no ebikes are waterproof. Water that does work it’s way into the bike may cause additional corrosion because it is harder for it to evaporate.

The optimal storage space is preferably a shaded, climate-controlled place, but not everyone has access to this ideal. Remember that moisture will still persist, so examine your bike on a regular basis for signs of rust or corrosion.

3. Wash and dry your ebike regularly

Dirt and sweat can accumulate on your ebike after every ride. If you let it sit for a long time, it can eventually lead to rust. Sweat may eat through your frame's clear finish, and dirt can harm your drivetrain and suspension. At the very least, you should properly clean your bike once a month, and more frequently if you ride in damp environments or dirty trails.

Washing your bike not only protects it from rust and corrosion, but it also allows you to check it for any symptoms of problems. After you've washed your bike, make sure it's completely dry. A chamois is excellent for absorbing moisture. In difficult-to-reach areas, compressed air can also be used. Just don't blast the bushings or bearings directly, or you'll blow any leftover dirt and grime right into them, perhaps causing harm.

4. Keep your ebike well lubricated

Rust and corrosion cannot form on a lubricated surface. Lubricants not only keep your bike running smoothly, but they also keep the elements at bay. If you want your bike to last, you must maintain all of its bushings and bearings oiled, as well as your chain lubricated. Regularly inspect these parts for rust or corrosion, which indicate a lack of lubrication. After you've washed your bike, make sure to lube the chain. Maintain the lubrication of your stanchions and shock seals to avoid them drying out and cracking.

5. Give your ebike a proper tune up

Tune-ups are an excellent method to keep rust and corrosion from wreaking havoc on your bike. Every six months examine and clean all the parts of your bike, and re-lubricate bushings, bearings, and drivetrain parts to check for symptoms of rust or corrosion this can also prevent them from causing lasting damage.

When doing a tune-up, ensure that you (or a trustworthy mechanic) inspect the interior of the frame for rust or corrosion, as well as the rims. If moisture penetrates under the rim tape and collects on the nipples, both alloy and brass can corrode over time. If the chemicals in some tire sealants come into contact with the nipples, they can accelerate corrosion even more.

Ebike Care and Maintenance

These are just some inexpensive ways to keep your ebike in top shape. Follow our ebike care and maintenance tips to make the most out of your electric bike.

If you need help with keeping your Cruiser Bike properly tuned-up, call our office at 833-266-4432 and someone will be able to assist you.

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