2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review

First off, I'd love to thank all of those who supported us this year with their business, especially those who referred other customers to us. Our goal is to make a great product backed by a great experience so anyone can get the most out of the Ebiking, it is a great compliment to confidentially refer your friends and family.

Second, I'd like to give a recap of 2021 as SO much has happened during this "unusual year."

At the beginning of the year, we were exclusively selling bikes that we did not have. Our first parts were depleted faster than we thought and world-wide demand for bikes spiked leaving us without bikes to build and extended shipping times. Luckily we found some great customers willing to wait until April for their bikes and kept our key employees at the ready so we could build those bikes as soon as we had the parts!

We spent a lot of time getting ready and working on product development. We got our parts listed on the web-site to make sure folks new we could support them when they DID receive their bike in the event of a minor or major "Whoopsie". We tried, unsuccessfully to find a really usable trike (we are still working on this one as there seems to be a lot of demand.)  We were also able to add many accessories with the idea that we wanted to make the bike more usable.

After a bit more delay than predicted, we built a record number of bikes in April, then blew the doors off for our best output ever in May. At the time we were building our first black frames and universally we agreed, they looked GREAT.  We also received and sold out of our first and only allocation of bike racks from Hollywood racks.

We had some great reviews from that batch of bikes, here's one of our favorites:

"This bike has everything you need in an Ebike! When I received it I was able to assemble it in 15 min by myself . Seat and grips are top of the line. You can throttle while pedal assist is on. Overall quality is truly remarkable. I have another E bike that I spent a lot of money on and it can compare to Boogie bike. I was a first worried about a bike I had never taken for a test ride but Dean at Boogie bikes is there any questions I have and that’s customer service! It has a five yr warranty and is made in USA. I love this bike! 🚲🚲🚲"

Thanks Rachell, this means so much to us!

In June we were able to deliver on ALL our pre-orders promised, and also built our 500th bike! (Note, if you'd like to see it, we kept it here for a demo.) We also decided to add a red bike to our lineup. Unfortunately in late June we ran ourselves out of all but a few of the original black bikes and were forced to be in pre-order mode for some prime riding season. 

Early July was fairly slow, but we did a live event to pass the time, and rebuilt a customer bike that had fallen off his RV rack (not ours) and been dragged along the road. With frames out of stock, we were able to use our quality global parts inventory to get the bike back on the road. Mid--July saw our "ships" come in and we were back to making bikes, now taking orders for red bikes to be delivered in August. ..... and we did deliver. August 4th we shipped our first Red bike to a customer who had originally ordered a blue bike in December 2019; however, when we launched the red bike, she just had to have it (favorite color) and agreed to wait.  After delivery she left the following review:

"This bike, water bottle holder, side mirror
All of it is Fabulous...
Worth the wait.. I love the Red color... its perfect"

Thanks for waiting Judi!

Of course, not all was well in Boogieland. We were still fighting to get parts, especially batteries, and had to take orders to be delivered in October. We worked really hard to make sure we could deliver, and ended up being ahead of schedule (with a large airfreight bill to expedite some much needed batteries) in an effort to delight our customers! 

After getting back no track in October, we were over the parts hump and are building daily. We have almost 800 bikes in circulation and happy riders across the country (check out the map on the about us page to see it) including a customer in Alaska who was willing to work with us on shipping and get a bike.   He liked it so much he ordered an extra battery and charger to take advantage of all that daylight.

After all this fun, we are ready for more. Black Friday is over and we are entering the joyous Christmas Season. Wisconsin is not cooperating with bikable weather and it's snowing today (November 29th.) I have challenged myself to commute once a week and am still planning to take the 15 mile commute on my cruiser bike tomorrow. While preparing for a great time with our families we are offering some special deals to thank all of our customers and give those outside our family a chance to experience the difference, you can find out more about the 12 deals of Christmas here. We have tons of bikes and have even built up stock so we can ship within 2 business days. In fact our largest shipment of bikes to customers is happening right now. We also have all the accessories you might need (except bike racks, but that's another story) to make your ride more enjoyable.

Join the fun, call us today to find out more about the company and our bikes, chat with a fellow ebike enthusiast, or just say Hi.  You can reach us at 833-266-4432.  Don't be shy, leave a message, we ALWAYS call back.

Finally, thank you all for supporting us, it has been truly humbling to see our bikes across the country and the joy they bring. Merry Christmas from all of us at the company. God Bless!

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Happy Holidays to everyone at Boogie Bikes. We picked up our matching black bikes mid summer and have had many fun miles already enjoying the Wisconsin and Minnesota bike trails. We are so glad Boogie Bikes are becoming popular, on one particular ride we met up with four others so naturally a group selfie. Loving the bikes and congratulations on all your success building a fun, well built bike. Thanks again, Steve and Betty Alderman

Steve Alderman

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