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Built in the USA Electric Bike

    (173 customer reviews)

  • Why you'll love it
  • Benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Quality Assembly 

  • The Right Equipment for a Great Price

  • WE PAY SHIPPING anywhere in the Continental US

  • As easy as "riding a bike"

  • Highly adjustable - Perfect personal fit

  • Provides Great exercise - as much or as little as you want

  • Enjoy the outdoors more easily

  • Zero Emissions

  • Conquer Hills and Wind

  • Industry leading weight, with battery, of 59lbs, 50 without

  • No Hidden Costs, shown as equipped

  • Comes Tuned with Both Wheels Installed

  • Thumb Throttle - Pedal or Don't

  • US call center and Concierge Service

  • Easy to work with Warranty

  • Name brand Components

  • U.S. Parts Stock



Pay in full or in 4 interest-free installments of $499.75 with 

26" - Height: Over 5'4"24" - Height: Under 5'4"

Boogie Bike Cruiser

    (173 customer reviews)

$2,399.00 $1,999.00 $400.00 OFF

Meet the Built-in-the-USA Electric Cruiser

Carefully Selected Global Components assembled for you.

  • Watt Motor


Conquer Hills

Pass people on hills, get out and go further without worrying about what's in the way. Enjoy life - get to work without sweating.

Conquer Hills

Pass people on hills, get out and go further without worrying about what's in the way. Enjoy life - get to work without sweating.

  • Frame

    Aluminum Alloy

Lightweight And Strong

Better materials and improved geometry for a better ride experience. Make biking fun again.

  • Range

    50 Miles

Enjoy the World

More time to explore, more energy when you get there, get to where you want to go no matter how far.

Enjoy the World

More time to explore, more energy when you get there, get to where you want to go no matter how far.

Premium Components

Technical Specifications

  • BIKE


13.6 Ah, 48V




18" Welded Aluminum Alloy


Simulated Leather with Extra Padding


High Contrast LCD


7-Speed Shimano


High Contrast LCD


Ultra Premium J Style


18" Welded Aluminum Alloy


Premium Tig Welded, Special Ebike Geometry


Ultra Premium J Style


Premium Zoom Adjustable


Through Frame


Premium Cork Grips


Mechanical Disc

Rear Carrier

25kg battery and controller housing


High Contrast LCD Display



Front Light

High Visibility LED


Red Safety Light

Water Resistant


Water Resistant

Levels 1-5


Variable Thumb


Safety Motor Cut-off switch

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the big deal about being built in the USA?

Internationally assembled bikes have no direct responsibility for quality control. When we assemble our globally sourced materials and components here in the U.S. we can hand-check the bikes to our higher standard and eliminate the middle man, offering a more competitive price and a higher quality bike.

How much does the bike weigh?

The entire bike weighs 59lbs with the battery installed, 50lbs without.

How much can the bike support?

Our bike can hold up to a 300lb payload riding in normal conditions

If I order today, when will I get my bike?

Bike lead times are listed on the product page with each color. Most bikes ship within 48 hours, and for our colder areas, we are offering a Spring Pre-Sale Product that can be stored until April 2022 

What's the rider height range of the bike?

What's the wheel size?

Our premium Whitewall wheels are 26” and 2.125” wide making them suitable for a wide variety of conditions with supreme comfort and handleability.

Does it have a throttle or pedal assist?

Our bike has both a thumb throttle and a 5-speed pedal assist.

What Class is your bike?

Our bike is considered a class 2 ebike. The motor will assist you up to 20MPH and it does include a thumb throttle.

What is your Warranty?

We have a 5 year warranty against manufacturer's defect. Read the full warranty here.

Do you offer a Men's Bike?

The Step-through style of our Boogie Cruiser is intended to be for men and women. For more information click here.

How hard is it to put together?

While we fully assemble the bike to make sure it meets our quality standards, then remove the pedals and handle bars.  Customers just have to un-pack screw in the pedals and put the fully assembled handle bars into the bike, tighten then ride!  Click here to see a video

What are the specific dimensions of the bike?

15 Day Try At Home Boogie Guarantee

Built in the USA with global components, the Boogie Bike Cruiser reinvigorates your joyride with style and class by providing constant comfort while still delivering quality performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 310 reviews
Forrest A. (Columbus, US)

The wife and I are very happy with the bikes I did a lot of research and determined that the spike was needed. Put a carrier on the back so our dog can travel with us. Excellent service I highly recommend this bike to anyone.

Barbara A. (Sebring, US)
Very happy with my purchase!

I was so happy that I spoke with a person when I called to ask questions before purchasing. All of my questions were answered so thoroughly, definitely put together in the USA AND the fact that they have a pet basket for my 10 pound dog, I ordered right away. The bike and accessories arrived in just a few days. It was all packaged very well with bubble wrap and pool noodles. The chain was off and the gentleman I spoke with was able to tell me how to get the chain in the right place. I did watch how to videos on YouTube for installing some of the items. I purchased the bike lock, but did not have a charger for the port. When I called about the chain I asked if the lock should have come with a charger. I was told that they do not, but were willing to order me one.

I realized that I was scared to ride the bike, mainly due to all of the gadgets. I didn't want to mess it up! Finally took my first 2 mile ride this morning! I had a bit of a learning curve because it is my first ebike, but I love the feel of it! At 5 ' 0" I was concerned it would be too big for me. I do not feel that way at all! I will take a few more rides to feel more comfortable before adding on the front basket with my little dog!

Thank you Boogie Bikes!

Stephen S. (Ranchos de Taos, US)
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me

Over a month ago I ordered my Boogie Bike. The display had been damaged in shipping so I called Customer Service and they immediately sent a new one and later helped me to install it on the bike. I have had almost no time to ride due to the ice and snow of 7500’ in northern NM, but I’m excited to give it a real workout when the weather permits. The bike is beautiful

Denise A. (Millersburg, US)

Love it❣️

RonH (Freedom, US)
Blue boogie

Gift for wife. She loves the look of it. Likes all positive reviews. Wont be able to use it for a few months due to weather. But she is excited to try it out.

Marinius W. (Dunedin, US)

A little to get used to, lots of speed be careful like the manual says, I had to adjust the front wheel it was stiff

otherwise very satisfied using it mostly on the Pinallas trail in Dunedin Florida.

Janet K. (Orange, US)
Merry Christmas to me!

Customer service is amazing! The display was damaged in shipping and they immediately sent me a replacement! I cannot wait to start riding once the weather cooperates!!

Edward S. (Sherman, US)
Enjoyable Ride

Great bike! Easy to assemble. Lots of fun to ride!

Dean F. (Franklin, US)
Boogie Bike

Great bike. Received in a few days. Rides very good!!,

Allen P. (San Antonio, US)

Very happy with the boogie bike

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