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Tech Bundle - Fingerprint Lock, Phone Holder, Premium Water Bottle Holder

Get our tech kit and grab our best selling performance items for a great price:

Finger Print Activated U-Lock! Forget about losing keys or remembering codes with our fingerprint-activated unlocking system.     

  • Supports up to 20 fingerprints

  • Micro-USB charging port

  • Back-up key

Premium Water Bottle Holder. This water bottle holder is mount-free and pain-free, allowing you to strap it on to your Boogie Bike in seconds. It secures to any part of the frame with a grippy, rubber pad and self-fastening strap. It fits a wide variety of bottles with an adjustable cage.   Pricier than our basic model but well worth it.

The ElastoKASE  PERFORMANCE PHONE HOLDER is a completely universal phone holder for any brand of phone, any size of phone and any size case on the phone. The handle bar bracket works on any style handle bars from 24mm up to 31.8mm and is a certified fit on the Boogie Cruiser. With a simple 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock turn the ElastoKASE is securely mounted to the handle bar bracket and the reverse will easily remove the ElastoKASE. The rubber lined, gripping shock cord pulls tight around all 4 corners of the phone ensure the phone does not come out while riding and to prevent slippage.

Finger Print Activated Lock:    $89.00

Premium Expandable Water Bottle Holder:   $34.99

Premium Phone Holder:  $39.99

Total Price:   $162.98

You PAY $129.99

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mary K. (Lakeville, US)
We love our Boogie Bikes!

We have ridden more miles in 2 weekends on our new Boogie Bikes (50 miles to be exact) than all the miles on our non-Ebikes over the tje last 2 yrs!! Our new bikes are comfortable and fun to ride! We called Boogie Bikes for a technical question and they were very helpful. Overall VERY pleased with our purchase!

Lori (Plymouth, US)
Support when you need it!

I am pleased with the ease and performance of the phone holder and bottle holder. I struggled with the technology with the finger print lock at first. But, got the help I needed and support from Boogie Bikes. This is company that has great service and stands by all your purchases. They go beyond all expectations. Great job Boogie Bikes!!!!

Michelle W. (Wausau, US)

Phone holder and water bottle holder work great and are easy to assemble and use. Haven’t needed to use lock yet but expect it to work well. Definitely recommend these as great accessories for your bike.

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