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Pet Carrier Kit

Everything you need to keep your small pet for a bike ride. Keep your companion close, safe, cool, and protected.

  • Comes with Hang ON Rack, the easiest and most universal rack for front handlebars; fits 22mm to 32mm bars

  • Includes quick-release Dairyman Basket, Pad, & Cover

  • Will keep your pet cool with maximum airflow.

  • Assembles in seconds

  • Max Capacity 12 lbs.


Style: 3 pc kit

Material: Plastic / Steel

Origin:  Taiwan

***Allow 2 weeks for delivery

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Customer Reviews

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Mary (Middletown, US)
Needs Seatbelts

The basket was easy to attach and worked. However, there was just enough space inside the zipped netting for our 9 lb shih to shift her weight from side to side. This really effected my steering and I wasn’t worried that she just wasn’t secure enough.

So, I looked on Amazon and found a Joyride Harness with 2 side rings & 1 center ring. I also pitched 3 Vivaglory dog seat belts, made with heavy duty safety rope (bungee like rope) with a 360° swivel clasp on both ends.

After rigging these up to the basket and buckling her in, she sits in the center and enjoys the ride!

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