Maintenance Kit - Cleaning Mitts + Tool Kit + Chain Kit

Maintenance Kit - Cleaning Mitts + Tool Kit + Chain Kit

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Get 7 of our most popular accessories for one low price.  We put together some popular items that you can use to keep your bike in tip top shape.

Our Best Lubricant - 4 Ounces of Eco Sheep Bike Chain Lubricant.  The natural alternative to your messy and toxic chain lube.  A great lanolin based product that will keep your chain lubed, but won't run your paint

Our Best Chain Cleaner - 8 Ounces of Eco Sheep Soap-Based Chain Cleaner.  This cleaner is better for the environment and better for your bike.  Won't damage your paint

A great cleaning brush - Hog Hair Ergonomic Chain Cleaning Tool.  Get that stubbon grit off your chain and keep your bike it tip top shape.

A no scratch cleaning Mitt - You get TWO microfiber cleaning mitts.  These work great for a quick damp wipe down, keeping your electronics safe and your bike clean and Pretty!

All the Keys you need - A great set of hex keys for keeping your bike "high and tight."  Has every size needed for the Boogie Cruiser except the Kickstand.  Great for emergency Road Repairs

15mm Pedal / Wheel Wrench - This pedal wrench is the RIGHT way to tighten your pedals, and can also loosen and tighten your front axle bolt in case of trouble.  Get the right tool for the job TODAY.


Chain Lube:    $9.99

Chain Cleaner:   $12.99

Hog Hair Chain Brush:  $9.99

Cleaning Mitt(s):   $9.98

Boogie Hex Wrench:  $5.99

15mm Pedal Wrench:  $5.99

Total Price:   $54.93

You PAY $39.99



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