Chain Maintenance Kit

Chain Maintenance Kit

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Eco Sheep Bike Maintenance Bundle K

The Eco Sheep Bike Maintenance Pack is 100% Non-Toxic and Completely Environmentally Friendly. Your Kit includes:

  • 4 Ounces of Eco Sheep Bike Chain Lubricant ($9.99)
  • 8 Ounces of Eco Sheep Soap-Based Chain Cleaner ($12.99)
  • Hog Hair Ergonomic Chain Cleaning Tool ($9.99)

Eco Sheep Bike Chain Lubricant: Each 4 oz bottle of Eco Sheep Chain Lube is completely non-toxic and sustainably sourced. It is perfect for those who demand maximum performance and zero impact on the environment.

Eco Sheep Soap-Based Bike Chain Cleaner: Designed to remove grease, gunk, and grime from your bike's drive train that results in a deep, natural cleaning. We make our Bike Chain Cleaner with certified sustainable ingredients so you can rest easy knowing you aren't using petroleum distillates or chemicals to maintain your ride.

Eco Sheep Hog Hair Ergonomic Chain Brush: Our brush is the perfect tool to remove stubborn dirt and grime from your chain, cogs, and drive-train. It is durable, reliable, and made in the USA using sustainable materials.


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